Internet Vikings Support & Customer Care

As a top-level hosting provider Internet Vikings is always focusing on its customers needs in order to deliver the best services possible. It is impossible to describe how important professional assistance and customer service is in the moments when problems occur. That is why the Internet Vikings support team is always available for its clients.


Internet Vikings Support Team

Internet Vikings Support team is something that the company is proud of. These tech-savvy specialists are capable of handling every possible difficulty that a customer can face. The team consists of domain specialists, cloud developers, WordPress and Linux technicians that can tackle every issue that can occur and ensure effective problem-solving.  

The Head of Customer Service inspires his support team to be maximally proactive in solving clients’ problems and always think ahead in communication with customers. “Customer service is about self-improvement and meeting needs of others”, he says. 


Internet Vikings Support SLA

Internet vikings supportInternet Vikings Support team offers a special extended Service-Level Agreement or SLA for those who want to protect themselves from any type of risks and losses. Extended SLA provides business owners with professional assistance at any day and hour. Entering the extended SLA customer don’t need to be worried about any time differences, delays or other things that might affect the speed of communication. This agreement includes:

  • 24/7 contact phone number
    Sometimes it is very important to be able to express your concerns verbally and not through messengers. It is also the clearest way of communication/ That is why entering an extended SLA customer is granted with a 24/7 contact phone number that will work even on weekends and holidays. Experienced professionals will always be there to help a customer with his issue.
  • Detailed metrics
    People say that the devil is in the details meaning that small details are construction blocks of big success. With the detailed metrics from the Support Team the customer obtains the information that can help him or her navigate the business with more accuracy.
  • Quicker responses and updates
    Although overall speed of communication is excellent the team will give priority to requests of a customer with extended SLA.


Internet Vikings Support Financial Unit

Financial support is not less important than a technical one. Maybe even more. Because at the end of the day business is aimed to generate profit. Every responsible business owner wants to get accurate and precise information about the financial side of a company’s services. With that in mind, Internet Vikings Support team has a dedicated department that deals with all the financial issues of the company’s clients. Invoices, receipts, payments and pricing, and other valuable documentation or information can always be provided by this special unit. It is very easy to reach the Financial Unit because the company has a separate email or phone line dedicated specifically to financial issues.

Internet Vikings Support Channels

Quality of customer service of a company can be measured by several indicators. But is there the most important one? Overall competence, speed of delivery etc. are of course crucially important. But they all can be irrelevant if a customer simply cannot reach the Support Team. That is why Internet Vikings implement multiple channels of communication with its clients. 

First of all, of course, the company’s main website itself. Besides tons of valuable information about the company’s services and products, it also contains the direct channel to connect with the team. The Support section of the site contains the big button named Helpdesk through which a customer can directly reach Internet Vikings support and get all his questions answered.

The second important channel is email, of course. For those users who prefer thorough explanations and ability to easily find information in their inbox, it is an ideal option. There are two ways to reach Internet Vikings support via email. One way is to send an email directly to the team. Its email address can be found in the footer of the main website of the company. Another way is to use the ‘Get in touch’ form on the main website. Filling out the name, email address and message boxes a customer can reach support even quicker. The Support Team leaves no message unanswered and responds as quickly as possible. According to customers’ feedbacks, it is indeed really prompt.

Next communication channel is a live chat. Experienced specialists from the support team will immediately respond to any questions the user has. As soon as the customer visits the he or she will find a pop-up box there that suggests starting a conversation with a specialist. Besides that conversation in the live chat mode can be carried out via social media pages of the company that are constantly moderated by the company’s specialists. These options are very convenient, however, they are available only during work hours.

And the last but not the least channel is good ol’ telephone calls. Sometimes there is just no time to write the email or even use the live chat. The answers are needed here and now. For those cases, telephone hotline is the optimum solution. Although, there is a limitation to it. Since the company’s headquarters are situated in Stockholm and the hotline has a Swedish number one should keep in mind the price that can be charged when calling from other parts of the world. 

So, there you have it: Helpdesk, emails, Live Chat, and hotline. Such diversification enables Internet Vikings Support to function so efficiently creating the best customer experience for the company’s clients as possible.


Internet Vikings Support Code of Conduct

Sometimes communication with clients can be challenging. Internet Vikings Support team has a full understanding that when the problem with the service occurs it causes a lot of stress to a client. That is why all the personnel is undertaking a special communication training in order to be able to cope with the pressure and behave appropriately. Customers can always expect an impeccable level of politeness and courtesy from support staff.



Internet vikings supportThere are a lot of hosting providers in the world. The competition is brutal and it is not easy to stay on the top since the product is fairly similar among competitors. But what differs premium provider from a mediocre one is its customer service. Internet Vikings Support team is an example of a professional approach to business and customer care. It is not surprising that the company is considered to be one of the leading players in the industry.