Internet Vikings Hosting Services

Internet Vikings hosting allows organizations and individuals to upload their web-pages or websites onto the Internet and offers technologies that allow users to view those websites or web-pages, accordingly. This is possible through the use of servers that store or, to use a more precise word, host client’s contents. In order for customers to view a particular website, they need to type the domain name or a website address into their browser. This triggers a computer to connect to a server, thereby delivering the web pages. Usually, web-hosting companies require clients to have their domains for them to host. For those without domains, the company can help with the acquisition.

Web Hosting Services

Web-hosting entails a wide range of services. Some of the factors that clients should consider before signing for the Internet Vikings hosting service include the budget, the type of service their websites need, and the services available. Popular types of hosting that the company offers are Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Managed Hosting, SEO Hosting, and iGaming Hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

This type of hosting gives the client the opportunity to use the entire web-server. Therefore, one can experience faster performance since they have access to the entire website resources without sharing it with others. The client, however, incurs the entire cost of the server operation. For those who intend to own websites that require vast system resources plus enhanced security, then this might be the best option.

The important features of Internet Vikings dedicated services include:

– Ultimate security of every server with BitNinja and other security services free of charge.
– SSD hard drives that give you a huge advantage in comparison with usual HDD.
– Dedicated LAN if the client has more than a server. This way the company can to have an external firewall.


Managed Hosting

 Internet vikings hostingManaged hosting from Internet Vikings Hosting Services is an option for those clients who don’t want to spend their time solving all the issues regarding hosting but trust Internet Vikings specialists to handle everything. The team of proactive developers and engineers will take care of every possible problem or difficulty in the best way possible. Choosing this type of hosting services ensure minimal downtime of servers and maximum stability of customer’s website. Since the company’s staff are experts in Linux hosting that supports scripts written in Unix originated languages such as Python, Perl, PHP and also PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, they can deal with all the types and forms of sites – from small ones to enormously large. 

Managed hosting, then, is about high-level of support that is available for the customer at any time of day and night.

 Cloud Hosting

For those clients that have not large but small or medium websites, Internet Vikings hosting services offer cloud hosting option. More about this type of hosting you can find on the next page of this website.

Collocated Hosting

This type of service allows customers to buy their servers and forward them for housing at a web host of their choice. They thus become responsible for the server themselves. This type of Internet Vikings hosting grants clients full control of their web-servers, enabling them to install applications and scripts of their choice.

Shared Hosting

Internet vikings hostingIn this model of shared environment, multiple website owners share one server. Among the key components shared are the software applications and the physical server. By sharing Internet Vikings hosting services, customers share the costs of operating the server, making the service affordable.

SEO Hosting

SEO Hosting is a special technology that can boost the rankings of the website in search engine results. The essence of this technology lays in building special content sites and then link them to the customer’s site. SEO hosting can be a major part of the overall SEO strategy of a company. But there are two important factors to consider when using SEO hosting.

First of all, IP addresses that are used for content sites under SEO hosting strategy must be of different classes and be spread all over the world. Internet Vikings SEO hosting services can offer its clients about 160,000 IPs in America an Europe that split in about 35 A-classes, 70 B-classes, and 1200 C-classes. Such diversification of IP addresses makes it possible to easily change the IP itself and the geolocation of any domain while keeping the files on the same server.

The second important thing is the quality of domain names. SEO hosting relies on the power of backlinks from content sites to a client’s business site creating ranking benefits for it. Those content sites must have quality domains with a clean and good history. Internet Vikings Hosting Services Team scans 200,000 domains automatically and manually on a daily basis in order to find the best ones for their customers. Those domains can then be purchased on a weekly auction or at Marketplace. 

iGaming Hosting

Another interesting feature of Internet Vikings Hosting Services is iGaming Hosting. Since 2015 Internet Vikings has established itself as a leading hosting provider for the iGaming industry. The company understands the needs of operators and gaming platforms and constantly looks for solutions to meet them. One of the most relevant needs of the iGaming sector is compliance with the regulations since the market becomes more and more complicated, especially in Europe.

The global presence of Internet Vikings allows the company to provide hosting services for those operators who don’t want to host their websites in too regulated markets. Owning data centres in every continent Internet Vikings hosting services become the perfect solution for them.