The world is evolving very fast due to digitization. And Internet Vikings has a significant role in this process. It’s a key player in the provision of hosting and related services. It helps enterprises to promote their services ensuring uninterrupted work. It also provides domains, develops web-pages and offers the necessary technical support. From large corporations to small-sized businesses, the demand for high-quality solutions that guarantee high-performance is greater than ever. Therefore, Internet Vikings provide implementation and support for those who are looking to establish their online presence.

Meeting Needs and Providing Solutions Globally and Locally

Internet VikingsEveryone should pay attention to the digital side of the global economy. Internet Vikings focuses on aiding businesses and brands to get a solid online appearance, as well as enabling them to utilize that appearance to its full potential. Businesses get the opportunity to protect their platforms from hackers’ attacks, carry out secure transactions, and become more visible in the search rankings and, therefore, receive more traffic and conversions. It is about creating relevant solutions for existing challenges in the online world both globally and locally.

With an exemplary team of creative and hardworking innovators, it’s possible to create such solutions that will comply with the needs of various niches and markets. The products offered are designed to complement each other in order to provide mutual support. Internet Vikings strives to offer full package services to make their use for the customers as convenient as possible. This is made possible by efforts of professional staff such as firmware and OS software teams, full-stack cloud engineers, and customer support teams.

What to Consider When Choosing a Hosting Service Provider

Nowadays, the presence on the Internet is an essential need for any business that wants to be profitable. This fact is not surprising. Businesses utilize the Internet for almost every aspect of their daily operations, ranging from credit card processing to client communication using VOIP and email, among others. That is why it is so important to host your web-sites on the servers of the reliable company. Business owners must engage good service providers like Internet Vikings if they want maximum value for their money. Here are some of the factors to consider when selecting a hosting provider.

SpeedInternet Vikings

Business operators wouldn’t want any inconvenience whenever they’re carrying out their daily chores. As such, the internet must have sufficient speed to avoid any disruptions, even in situations of extreme demands.  Speed is a major factor for customers when choosing a hosting service provider. The speed of the internet largely depends on the location of the user in relation to the location of the server. The closer server is to a receiving computer the higher speed a customer gets. That is why having data centres in every continent is crucial for a provider. Another thing is a package that a client buys. It’s a comparison of the bandwidth, which refers to the volume of information per unit of time as sustained through the transmission medium.


Availability or to use more technical word uptime is another important factor to consider when choosing a provider. It refers to a period of time that servers work uninterruptedly and are available for use. When the server is not available specialists say that it is down and use the term downtime to describe the duration of this period. The uptime is usually measured in percent, so the user can know how much time the servers are not available due to technical issues or hackers’ attacks.


A HSP makes sense to its clients if the speed of the bandwidth is proportional to its price. For instance, for someone who runs a small business, purchasing a $1000 a month for a dedicated server won’t be economically viable to the business. However, to some corporations, speed and reliability are what matters, and not the cost. Therefore, the $1000-a-month might not make sense to a small business owner who don’t have an issue with an expanding business with 20 employees. Clients must thus weigh both the pros and cons before subscribing to Internet Vikings.


Internet VikingsFor most commercial enterprises, reliability is a critical factor when choosing a HSP. An unreliable internet in a business is not only stressful but also counterproductive. Therefore, those who run businesses where any internet service interruptions could cause massive inconveniences and losses, then they should opt for an HSP that operates a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The SLA’s are service contracts that detail the level of reliability of the connections. There’s a strong correlation between customer services and reliability.

Irrespective of how good the connection is, an anomaly can occur at one time, either hacker attack or worn-out hardware. With such occurrences, a reliable HSP provider should fix the problem as fast as possible, ensuring that its clients are back up and running. Certainly, a business won’t wait for days or weeks before new software to be shipped to them. This is a good measure of how reliable the service provider is.


Another factor that a business owner must take into account when choosing a provider is security. A secure hosting means that a website hosted on it has an Secure Sockets Layers certificate. It is the encryption protocols used on the Internet to secure information exchange. It ensures that visitors will access a website using HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) and it will encrypt all communication between users’ browser and website. Any website that requires user to either submit a payment or login, must use a SSL certificate. Otherwise, browsers mark it as Not Secure and assign the broken padlock icon to it. Needless to say that the broken padlock sign pushes visitors away. That, of course, will impact the overall reputation of a site and its rankings in the results of the search engines. Good and reliable hosting provider takes care of that.

To summarize, the choice of the Hosting Service Provider is the most important factor that influences the visibility of your business. Internet Vikings are there to offer you the the innovating solutions regarding hosting and related services.