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On the one hand, domain name is simply a representation of the physical address of a website. It operates in the same manner as satellite navigation, which requires a zip-code or a street address to give directions. Users type it into the browser to access the website that they want, and it directs the web browser to the server that handles the information.  In this case, a domain name helps the web browser to link to a specific website but saves people from the agony of having to remember the exact IP address that they want to access, which is humanly impossible.

On the other hand, domain names can become a powerful tool of advertising since domain name is the first thing that users pay attention to. That is why one should pay close attention to procuring domains. All Internet Vikings domains always have high quality so it is always a wise choice to acquire them from the company.

Registration Of Internet Vikings Domainsinternet vikings domains

Every domain name consists of two elements – the name of the website and the extension of the domain name (e.g. .com/.net/.net). When an individual or a company buys a domain name, they’re able to indicate the server that the domain name represents.  It is not always easy to choose the best option for those two elements of the domain name – due to a huge number of existing websites a lot of good domain names might not be available.

Internet Vikings domain specialists possess the knowledge and skill to find and acquire domain names that will best suit the needs of their clients regardless of the needed number of domains.


Types Of Internet Vikings Domains

There’s no standard formula for domains to follow, although .com constitutes about 46.5% of the websites in the world. This leaves a lot of space for other domain name types such as .net or .org. The following are the most common types of domain names. In order to better understand which domain name to procure one one should explore their types.  

  • Top Level Domains (TLD)
    As the name suggests, it operates above other domains. This domain type sits at the top of the domain name system on the internet. Among the thousands of TLDs in existence, the most common ones are .com, .edu, .net, and .org.

  • Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD)
    These types of domains utilize two letters only, usually based on international country codes. Examples include .jp for Japan, .uk for the United Kingdom, and .us for the United States. ccTLDs are mostly used by corporations that create dedicated sites for specific regions. They signal the users that they’ve arrived at the correct site.

  • Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD)
    Unlike the TLD, this domain type doesn’t depend on country code. Most of the gTLDs are used for a particular use-case, like .edu, which represents educational institutions. There’s no specific requirement for one to meet to register a gTLD, hence .com is not limited to commercial use. More examples of gTLD include .gov (government), .mil (military), .org (organizations) and .net (widely used although was originally created for internet service providers).

 Internet Vikings Domain Management can provide its clients with TLD from 60+ countries around the world to ensure the best results for its clients’ SEO strategies.


internet vikings domains

Internet Vikings Domains Management

Internet Vikings is constantly working to make every client feel like a special one. That is why so many services of the company are customized. For instance every client gets a dedicated Internet Vikings domains manager who will assist the client in every need regarding domain names. Every week this manager will compile and deliver to a client recommendations regarding new available domains that is based on a client’s requests.

Internet Vikings Domains Control Panel

Internet Vikings Domains Control Panel is a digital tool that helps clients of the company to easily access all the vital information regarding domain names that they possess. Every client receives login credentials to access his or hers personal account where it is easy to track and control domain names. 

Internet Vikings Domains Renewals

Domains renewals are something that one can easily forget to do. Sometimes there is too much on a plate and renewal is just not a priority. Customers of Internet Vikings domains don’t need to worry about an expiration date of their domain names since the company offers reasonable credit lines. Thanks to the system developed by Internet Vikings domains specialists expired domain names can be renewed automatically and a client can pay for them later. The most important thing here is that this service is available to every client of the company, not just some VIP customers.

Internet Vikings Domains Marketplace

To make user experience as easy as possible Internet Vikings domains specialists have created a convenient Marketplace where customers can procure domain names that best suit their needs. This Marketplace contains all  necessary information for acquisitions along with additional data from reliable SEO sources so the client can independently evaluate any domain that he or she is interested in. Acquisition of the domain names is conducted in a form of auction where customers can compete for the most interesting propositions. 

Internet Vikings Domains for SEO

Domain names can be a powerful tool for search engine optimization strategy that could bring a lot of benefit for a business promotion. Internet Vikings domains management offers the best expired domains in terms of link power so the customers can implement their SEO strategies. Domain specialists of the company work everyday to find expired domains and scan more than 200,000 domains daily. They check every domain to make sure that it has a clean history and that it is in compliance with the regulations of the country of registration. The team of domain specialists use every necessary process both automated and manual to outfilter low metrics domain names and spam so customers of the company can be sure that they get the quality product.